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Installing VMWare & Kali on Linux (Pop_os! specifically)

Introduction I’m sure you have this problem whenever you install your favourite linux distribution: “How do I run Kali on top of this hunk-a-junk?” if you are me. Then again, if you are me, we are in deep six friemd. ‘nyhow. To do that we have two options. Either grab an iso, burn it to an usb (because CD/DVD’s are so blase now) and do whole partitioning shenanigans. I don’t like this option for many reasons, primarily it doesn’t make sense. Sure as a pentester I don’t have anything to hide, anywhere I don’t have permission to test; I don’t - but if I am putting myself in the shoes of a redteamer this means that I need to dump my whole machine if compromised/traced/sniffed etc.