I became aware of SPINNORTALITY with ALEXIS KENNEDY’s mailing list. I like his creative output and his definition of interesting often matches mine so I checked it out. As far as I know this is the first game of their “free mentorship scheme”. After I read the steam page description I felt sorry for not knowing it before. Its creator is JAMES PATTON and he developed it in three years. Amazing!

This game lets us play as a founder of a company, create horrific products and take over the world by our influence. That is one of the possible endings by the way. We can also make the world a better place but that seems hard. Because game enforces any good corporation’s bottom line: Making profits. To do that we can manipulate politics, deregulate industries, launch black ops and so on. What I like most is that we are not playing as an eternal person. We can die from old age. There are ways to extend this of course. An inconvenient thing like death should not stop us from making profits, no?

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