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On Not Writing

Brief Overlook

It’s been 13 days since I wrote my last post. Since that time I’ve been working, studying, reading and listening. I have to thank Scribd for expanding my bookish horizons.


Work is… work.


I’ve begun studying in Visual Communication Design from Anadolu University’s Second University programme. Truth be told, it will be my third university but still… I liked the courses such as:

  • Basic photography
  • Mythology and Religion
  • Basic German - Yep, I chose German as my third foreign language.
  • Visual Aesthetic
  • Essential art and design training

Looks fun, is fun.

Apart from that PhD goes into its second semester. I don’t know whether the courses will be online or on campus - still. I’ve begun reading this semester’s essential courses’ textbooks. Methodology seems especially fun.


Apart from the coursebooks, I am reading stuff also:

  • I’m listening the Laundry Files by Charles Stross. Doing the fourth book at the moment (The Apocalypse Codex). Narrator is Jack Hawkins and he does a good impression of Bob Howard. I like it.
  • Text wise, my tablet has A Tower of Secrets by Victor Sheymov - a novelized autobiography of a KGB agent defected to USA. Reads like butter and has some interesting tradecraft bits.
  • Bought a book on shamanism and Ottoman Padishahs. Hadn’t started yet - but planning to in the coming days.


I’ve realized that my taste in music shifted to blues and jazz. Spotify offers good mixes, but I’ve found myself listening to Joe Bonamassa, B.B. King, Lightnin’ Hopkins and Jeff Healey Band.

I am a person who likes radio: To fill that niche I use Swiss Jazz Radio and TRT Dinle. Both are good, both have fun to listen playlists; curated not by my likes but a person (I think). I find it more honest for some reason.

Signing off.

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