Today marks the fifth day I made the switch to Johnny Decimal. I daresay it looks good and I believe it is here to stay. I feel this because I can structure the files and notes in my head easily. In its current configuration:

  • 10 means IT,
  • 20 means Academical stuff,
  • 30 means Library and
  • 40 means cabinet.


When I look at what I read/write and study I see two main categories. IT related stuff, such as cybersecurity, python and networking, and Academy, Philosophy, Sociology and International Relations. And because they have no connection to each other, they both have distinct areas. I initially thought they should carry their own libraries with me but considering I will be creating a Library area for my fiction library, I didn’t want to repeat myself.

30 is my library area. This folder has 5 main categories:

  • 31 Fiction
  • 32 Social Sciences
  • 33 IT
  • 34 Russian
  • 35 RPG books

I know, Russian books should be divided among the other books but because I am still an aspirant with a desire to learn this great language I decided to create its own category.

40 is where my CVs, docs and other sorts of active/passive stuff is residing. They are not updated as much as, say Academic/Philosophy/Wiki does, but when I need them; I really NEED them.

Regarding Notes

I found out that moving the notes to a cherrytree file very liberating. I assumed there would be some wonkiness here and there but no. Resources like photos, books and articles go to their own folder and the notes go to the wiki. Cherrytree really helps by saving the images inside the notes - also its keyb. shortcuts are easy to learn and hard to forget.


It works. When I want to find a file, I can find it in my mental map and this corresponds to the actual file mapping. This, I believe, is a wonder to behold. It also gives a liberating feeling.

Recommended highly!