Hello peeps. It’s me your lazy writer Özgür. In this post I want to share the awesomeness that is called as tmux by everyone. Tmux isa terminal multiplier which allows you to use multiple screens on a terminal. Sadly this is a linux toy only - so windozers can skip this.


If you are on a debian derivative all you need is (love? naah. Apt covers us!)

sudo apt-get install tmux

and after some package installation, you can use it by firing up tmux from the console. (Duh)


Naw, when you initally fire it up you won’t see anything different. Let’s change this. Frist let’s divide the screen to two. To do that let’s hit CTRL+B+%

Neat, huh? To switch from left to right all ya need to do is hit CTRL+B and Arrow key. To divide the screen horizontally however we need to do CTRL+B+" And we can conjoin them, so we can initially divide the screen horizontally and then we can divide it vertically to have a nice 3 way window.

We finished? Hell no. What if I said we can have multiple windows? Like I divide window0 into three and run my nice nmap,nikto and say sqlmap and wanna play nethack in another screen while they gather data? To do that I need to hit my good old friend CTRL+B+C.

Noice, huh? To change between panes I only need to hit CTRL+B 0,1,2... the desired pane number listed at the bottom.

To kill an unruly pane we use X, as in CTRL+B+x. This kills the pane and the divided windows on it.

There are many more tips and tricks regarding tmux but these are the stuff I use daily. Go, knock yourselves out m8s!

See you on the flipside!