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Things I've learned from video games, Vol: something

Introduction I gotta say in the tender age of 37 I have a love-hate relationship with video games. My childhood, youth and adolescence are chock-full of playing them. From Great Gianna Sisters on Commodore 64 to Klei’s wonderful games on PC I am playing them, enjoying them (guiltily, if I’m being honest) and just love talking about them. In this post I want to write down some of the stuff I’ve learned from video games. First and foremost I must add that whatever English I know at the moment, is because of those text adventure games. So thank you Infocom, Sierra and Delphine Software for relentlessly engaging my language brain.

Taking notes/marginalia like William Blake

Introduction I am kinda hooked to note taking systems. From Cornell to mindmapping I think I have tried them all. I’ve learned a lot in this search but in the end I never found satisfaction with any of them. Therefore I labeled this problem as unsolvable and didn’t think about it. Then I started reading The Complete Writings of William Blake. It includes his marginalia and what he did kinda made me experience a paradigm shift. Taking Notes Like Blake First and foremost, William Blake is a vicious man when he is reading and taking notes. He is arguing with the author whilst reading the book.

Johnny Decimal - Update

Introduction Today marks the fifth day I made the switch to Johnny Decimal. I daresay it looks good and I believe it is here to stay. I feel this because I can structure the files and notes in my head easily. In its current configuration: 10 means IT, 20 means Academical stuff, 30 means Library and 40 means cabinet. Deets When I look at what I read/write and study I see two main categories. IT related stuff, such as cybersecurity, python and networking, and Academy, Philosophy, Sociology and International Relations. And because they have no connection to each other, they both have distinct areas.

Mounting HFS+ (Mac) filesystem on Linux

Introduction A few months ago I replaced my aging Macbook Pro’s harddisk with a SSD. But the problem was I had my audiobook/lecture files in the replaced disk. To switch the files I bought a SATA-to-USB cable and it arrived today. Here’s how I did it. After action report Installing hfsprogs I used the cable on my Macbook Pro and saw that I could mount it and copy the files with no problems. When I switched to my main tower I saw that it did neither mount it automatically nor copy the files. Some research yielded that I should install the hfsprogs package from the repositories:

Initial Reconnaissance with nmap, nikto and gobuster

Introduction Greetings peeps. Today I want to talk about something mundane. The scenario is, you have the permission to scan a friend’s/client’s web app, you are running Kali and want to do some essential tests before going full akimbo. I can’t stress enough the part where you got your permission. Remember kids, applying cybsec tools on a machine you don’t have permission to is icky, bad and totally not recommended. And what I am going to discuss here - however harmless they are - should be taken in this context. With that out of the way let’s begin Nmap I love nmap, network mapper if we want to be verbose.

How I stopped worrying and love the Johnny Decimal

Johnny Decimal? Johnny Decimal is a fantastic system. To be honest it channels the name Johnny Silverhand for me. This name is quite popular right now thanks to Cyberpunk 2077. I am astounded that some of the niche stuff we were doing is quite mainstream - Cyberpunk 2020 is one of them. Aanyway, I am digressing! Johnny Decimal is a folder organization system that’s both convenient and simple to use and setup. If you want to see the source itself please click here to move to its own page. It has three main governing rules: 10 Areas 10 Categories in each area 99 Ids in each category.

Installing VMWare & Kali on Linux (Pop_os! specifically)

Introduction I’m sure you have this problem whenever you install your favourite linux distribution: “How do I run Kali on top of this hunk-a-junk?” if you are me. Then again, if you are me, we are in deep six friemd. ‘nyhow. To do that we have two options. Either grab an iso, burn it to an usb (because CD/DVD’s are so blase now) and do whole partitioning shenanigans. I don’t like this option for many reasons, primarily it doesn’t make sense. Sure as a pentester I don’t have anything to hide, anywhere I don’t have permission to test; I don’t - but if I am putting myself in the shoes of a redteamer this means that I need to dump my whole machine if compromised/traced/sniffed etc.

Using TMUX for fun and profit

Introduction Hello peeps. It’s me your lazy writer Özgür. In this post I want to share the awesomeness that is called as tmux by everyone. Tmux isa terminal multiplier which allows you to use multiple screens on a terminal. Sadly this is a linux toy only - so windozers can skip this. Installation If you are on a debian derivative all you need is (love? naah. Apt covers us!) sudo apt-get install tmux and after some package installation, you can use it by firing up tmux from the console. (Duh) Usage Naw, when you initally fire it up you won’t see anything different.

Hello Friend

Hello World Stay tuned.

Markdown Syntax

This article offers a sample of basic Markdown syntax that can be used in Hugo content files, also it shows whether basic HTML elements are decorated with CSS in a Hugo theme.


The following HTML <h1><h6> elements represent six levels of section headings. <h1> is the highest section level while <h6> is the lowest.