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Academic Education

Hacettepe University Philosophy (B.A.) - 2004-2008

Department curriculum focused on the history of philosophy. We discussed philosophy and philosophers from the Ancient times to our modern era. In this context we read the works of Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Foucault and Zizek and others.

Plus to this historical background we also took courses on questions of Philosophy. I can list Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Arts, Values, Politics and Logic in this list.

In my graduation thesis I wrote about Theodor W. Adorno's Culture industry. I used his critical theory to interpret the modes of entertainment in modern times.

Hacettepe University Sociology (M.A.) - 2008 - 2011

The courses I took were on sociological concepts such as gender politics, criminology. I also took courses focused on thesis writing. They involved topics such as thesis method, qualitative and quantitative research design.

In this period I also visited Rijkuniversiteit Groningen in the Netherlands.

My graduation thesis was on criminology. In it I examined the organized crime groups active in the world and then moved to Turkish Crime Groups. Then I tried to find an answer on why don't we have an organized crime group active in the global context.

Professional Training

Bilge Adam Technology Institute - Software Training Workshop (300 hrs)

In 300 hours course we learned concepts such as:

  • the basics of C#
  • MSSQL and SQL operations
  • Desktop Application Development with WinForms and WPF
  • Application Development with WebForms and ASP.Net MVC

İSMEK - Python Training & CCNA 1-2 Training - 2019

Professional Experience

Kurgu Software - Java Software Developer - 2014/2018

In this period our team facilitated a major change in our core library. We decided to drop ExtJS3 due to its browser quirks and its inability to do mobile and replace it with Bootstrap. We also decided to change the backend to use an ORM tool (EclipseLink) to handle data communication with the database.

In this period we also took the first steps of converging all the applications we did so far in one monolithic application. I helped the team to create the first prototype and the initial release. Besides these duties, I acted as a technical writer and customer support, as well as Linux admin and database operator.

Mü-Yap - Junior Developer C# & Java - 2011/2014

After my graduation from my master's I couldn't find a tenured doctoral position. I decided to be a programmer and attended to a local programming workshop and learned C#, MsSQL and ASP.Net. Mu-Yap hired me as a data entry operator while I was in training.

I helped the IT team to create and enhance their office automation suite, named as MOOS. It used a frontend library based on ExtJS3 and its backend used Java EE and PostgreSQL as database. While doing that I also enhanced my programmer's toolkit with Java as well. We created four applications with this core.

I also created an internal reporting application using C# language and Crystal Reports.

Altındağ Guidance and Research Center - EU Project Coordinator/IT Support - 2010/2011

I worked mainly as the communication liaison between institution's Grundtvig project shareholders. The project's code is 2010-1-TR1-GRU06-16573

My duties included:

  • Creation and translation of the documents, messages and etc. to Turkish and English
  • Organizing travel details, attending to the events and do simultaneous translation for the Turkish project partners
  • Administrating the project to make it realize the specified project goals.

In addition to these responsibilities I also acted as a technical advisor for the institution regarding computer purchases, software installations and troubleshooting.

Articles and Workshops

  • Çakmak, Özgür Ozan, Differential evaluation of Turkish and foreign organized crime groups in the context of globalization - Master Thesis, can be accessed via national thesis archive (https://tez.yok.gov.tr/)
  • Mustafa Ayral, Sadan Özcan, Özgür Ozan Çakmak, Sevilay Birdogan, Nurcan Demir, Altanöz Günes, Eda Rahsan Deniz, Gülsün Tokmakkaya, "Effect of Education on Teacher Attitudes on Inclusive Education.". Revista Şcolii Leşene Univers Didactic, Edite Specialâ,4/2011, Page:40-42, ISSN: 1223-6756
  • Conference ECAEP: “Education for Active Citizenship - Priority in Education”, "Effect of Education on Teacher Attitudes on Inclusive Education.". Mustafa Ayral, Sadan Özcan, Özgür Ozan Çakmak, Sevilay Birdogan, Nurcan Demir, Altanöz Günes, Eda Rahsan Deniz, Gülsün Tokmakkaya, 2011, Iasi, Romanya.
  • World Festival of Youth and Students 2018 - Future Technologies Team; Education Plan for DIY Renewable Energy Presentation



  • Turkish - Native
  • English - C1 Level
  • Russian - B1 Level
  • German - A1 Level

Computer Languages

  • Java
  • Python
  • C#


  • Microsoft Office
  • Navicat PostgreSQL
  • Windows, Linux, MacOS Administration and Usage
  • NumPy, Pandas, Seaborn, MatPlotLib, Plot.ly


Mail: ozgurcakmak <at> gmail.com