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On Pretentiousness

I gotta admit whenever I start to write (or write over several days) this feeling of pretentiousness comes over me. The question “why should anyone be interested in what I write/think?” is a damning one for my part.

I mean I don’t deny I had a life with interesting twists and turns. Here I am. A person who spent 3 years in Astronomy, then moved to Philosophy in a different city from where he grew up, did a Master’s on Sociology and went to the Netherlands while he’s writing his thesis and then switched careers again to become a programmer. For 7 years he acted as one and then… now. Now I’m studying International Relations… as an undergraduate student yet again.

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Technology From The Fringes

It is actually a weird thing to experience the technology from a fringe standpoint. As WILLIAM GIBSON wrote:

The future is here it’s just not very evenly distributed

You can see it in action if you are living in a place where the tech giants don’t consider as a prime market.

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Trauma Tuesday

I feel always enticed and appaled by the concept of wearables. It’s not that I don’t own one. I used XIAOMI MI BAND 2 when I was weaning off the antidepressants, knowing little that the oncoming days were going to hit me like a Mack truck on full speed, to lose weight.

But only now I realize this wristband, which is hiding under a smartwatch façade, is only a civilian application of the prison shackle. It knows how many steps you took, listens to your heartbeats and tell if you are alive – or if it is taken off your wristband – and tracks your sleep routines and guesstimates how much deep sleep you get last night.

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Death of the Workshop Programmer

As a person who was in the programming field for the past seven years I can see my breed is dying. My breed? People who doesn’t have an engineering/programming degree yet working in the IT field.

Yet I can’t blame the people who don’t want to hire people like me. See, 7-8 years ago IT field, especially programming, was a fertile ground. There were software development workshops left and right, from ludicrously expensive to ludicrously cheap who proclaim they would make a programmer out of you in 6 months.

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Monday Blues

Personally I increasingly feel that whole streaming media schtick is spoiling us. Now I look my aggressively curated NETFLIX account, I use “viewing activity” to prune out stuff I began and didn’t like, and I see I am watching:

  • Rick and Morty (Rewatching)
  • Punisher
  • The Travelers (Rewatching)
  • The 100

In the old days every single one of them required a torrent download, converting to a filetype which my phone would understand – if it could understand, I am talking about dumbphone era, and copy and watch one episode because even with conversion they were huge colossi of data for the phones of that age.

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