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I have no idea what I am doing. There, I’ve said it. For years and years I open, close, reopen this blog with grand ambitions but then they fail and this pathetic thing wallows and dies, only to be reborn again when the mood hits me again.

I have no freaking idea what I am doing and this is a liberating thought. You won’t find a coherent, hyperfocused blog where you learn stuff and/or be entertained. I am writing everything for myself from now on; in some sense this is a return to the origin of the blogging: Where people used it like a diary. Onwards and upwards then!


Scribd is my favourite application right now. It changed my whole reading practice and I wholeheartedly recommend it to everyone. The ability to search, read and underline from every device (except Kindle but it is not Scribd’s fault) is a bliss.  So far I’ve read

  • Nonviolent Communication
  • The Best Science Fiction of the Year Vol 1
  • The Atrocity Archives – Audiobook
  • Jennifer Morgue – Audiobook
  • Legion vs. Phalanx
  • Gods and Robots: Myths, Machines and Ancient Dreams
  • The Light Brigade

And counting up because the best part of Scribd is the recommendation part. I think I initially began reading The Light Brigade and it offered me Planetside by Michael Mammay. Then I got Attack Surface by Cory Doctorow then The Stars Are Legion by Kameron Hurley.

As a person who is feeling his reading style is in a rut, this is a blessing. Gonna admit, even though I am a speculative fiction aficionado I especially found the new anthology’s style a bit hard to parse. But that is the point I think!


Once and for all I ceased to be a gamer. Practically I cannot game any more. I mean I have the hardware and the library but the desire ain’t there any more. I increasingly feel that spending 50hs before a game is a colossal waste of time that can be spent in doing something else. Learning Russian, writing, or learning/reviewing/practicing cybersecurity for example. Also most of the games I’ve bought so far have so many mechanics that, playing them feels like being an expert in something that’s ephemeral.

In short, this boy had graduated from this entertainment medium it seems.

Russian Work

Have to admit, couldn’t get past the exercises on accusative case. The progress is going normal, can’t say I am going slow., but there are so many exercises that it just doesn’t end. But I am doing them on computer now, using as a transliteration tool, so it gives me somewhat a permanent record regarding what I’ve done and where I did wrong. I found out that onenote is especially good in this respect. Office Lens for getting those grammar tables on it, and the keyboard punching for exercises.

Doctorate Work

I am doing the best I can – balancing the reading/writing with the work. I am learning new concepts, good concepts. The Media Studies is a field I truly enjoy. I find myself enticed with every article I’ve read. Marxist concept of production (whole deal with means of production, ownership of production and base/superstructure relations) still permeates our culture.

Currently I am writing a paper on “Minecraft and How It Primes Us For The Modern Capitalist Culture” (Working title). Even though I don’t feel any inclination to play a game, it doesn’t mean I can’t use my previous experience to create a paper. Regarding Minecraft, have you realized that creepers are behaving like suicide bombers and their main threat to us doesn’t come from losing our life (which is an ephemeral thing anyway) but the damage to our infrastructure and our structures? And it has a peculiar green shade, reminiscent of… anyway! I am working on it so don’t wanna give away everything.

International Relations

Gave my midterms last weekend. I think I am going to graduate from this department as well. So that makes what? 2 Bachelor’s degrees 1 Master’s and in 4-5 years time a PhD? So apart from this self-aggrandizement, I liked the overall approach of the curriculum. I realize I am a staunch realist in IR sense and the articles – if there will be any – will be from this perspective.

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