Hello, I am Ozgur Ozan Cakmak and this is my personal blog where you’ll find many stories usually involving me, articles on topics I am interested in and basically will serve as a personal logbook, like a blog when it was invented, for both of us.

It is very interesting to read old journals, the pages yellowed with age give you insights of yourself you have forgotten long ago. It paints a picture of a different, a more naive, person who worried about events and peoples who are not relevant today; a person with hopes and plans now already accomplished or moved to the café of broken dreams because of their impossibility realized.

At any rate it records a piece of you outside of time, not changing, ever preserved. Any person, say your children or your grandchildren, reading it will gain insights about you.

Also I think, to quote Neil Gaiman here, it is our duty for each other to tell stories about ourselves. Even the most blandest person you can think is living in a culture that’s been around here for hundreds of years and has a genetic memory of thousands of people. That’s what sets us from the characters of a novel, they are simpler, more cruder due to the they are tools of the writer to tell a story; but people are complex things who often live in paradox. A person who you think as evil as it gets, may be known as the “best dad in the world”. You can’t know. Nobody can know a person wholly, how he thinks and why he behaves. A novel may give you this sense if it goes into the thought detail like Mrs. Dalloway by Virginia Woolf. But even then, they are not real people as I’ve said.

I am digressing here, I apologize. But journals and their digital versions are ways of telling ourselves our stories. I am stressing the word “story” here because to quote Neil Gaiman here again, “life is not story shaped”. A story, inevitably, begins “in medias res” and ends properly with all the problems solved and all questions answered. Life, however, goes on. It begins with a definitive beginning, you are born, and has a definitive ending which you can’t write. But the interim period is a concurrent period of flow. Telling a story from your life  in here turns a slice of that flow into a story. Like freezing a fly in amber.

I do plan to write stories here too. So not everything will I write here will be memoirs from my own life.

I hope you enjoy it.

Curriculum Vitae

1983  –  I was born to this world on a 30th of July with a thunderstorm so bad that the hospital got flooded.
1987 –  I learned to read and because of that neighborhood children often kidnap him to make him read the products in the local grocery store.
1989 –  Put through the first academical factory where the dreams are murdered and get filled with arithmetic, reading and writing. For five years of toil, sweat and tests graduated with flying stars
1994 – Put through the second academical factory which people jokingly call middle school and high school where your soul is drawn and quartered, and you learn people are petty little tyrants with pimples and a bad attitude when they enter to the adolesecence period. Did my first theater act with A. W. and afterwards served as a backstage roadie for two years where he introduced me to an old version of Cubase, which can be counted as ancient because it used floppy disks young people think nowadays “3d printed model of a save button”, acting and music arrangement.
2001 – Dreaded University Selection Exam put me to Istanbul University’s Astronomy Department which I couldn’t graduate.
2004 – Decided to reenter DUSE and this time the exam put me to Hacettepe University’s Philosophy Department which I graduated and my alma mater.
2008 – Got accepted to Hacettepe University’s Sociology Master’s  programme. Murdered my relationship for seven years which I still carry the mental and spiritual bloodstains after all those years. No the time only helps you to forget the pain, the wounds are still there. The worst part is I did this, for the greater good.
2010 – Went to the Groningen with Erasmus programme. I got hit by a car where bikes outnumber the cars ten to one, which can give you a rough estimate of how lucky I am.
2011 – Graduated from master’s. Couldn’t find a tenure. Went back to home, to Istanbul. Started Bilge Adam’s Programming course and finished it. Learned C#. Also started working in Mü-Yap as a programmer. Learned Java
2014 – Started teaching c# in Arı Bilgi Technology Institute.  After graduating one class, I had to resign beacuse of the clashing timetables with my work.
2015 – Started learning Russian in Russian Culture Center in Istanbul
2017 – Still working as a programmer. Learning python, writing stories and articles. Started in Anadolu University’s International Relations bachelor because I am addicted to learning. I went to Sochi recently for the WFYS where you can see some of the pictures in the travelogue section.