I wrote about:

  • Scrivener Meltdown in Linux
  • Public Windows Failure Screens
  • Sunless Skies

Scrivener Meltdown in Linux

I knew it was a bad idea to use scrivener via wine. Now, for some weird reason, it crashes when it opens a document. I used to find an answer by digging down but now I don’t care. I switched to Remarkable. Free, native, can do word count and best of all – I write in markdown.

Markdown is a curious markup language. It’s super simple to learn and use. Hell, I can teach you in five minutes:

  • *italic*: italic
  • **bold**: bold
  • - and 1. sign is used to start a list.
  • # is used to denote headers (one hash to denote h1, two to h2 and so on)
  • To give links: [word](link): google
  • To denote code you use two backticks(`) and write code between them

That’s… it. These are the six features I use when I am writing an article. Needless to say there are more features and you can check them from here.

Public Windows Failure Screens

It says: Unable to install updates: Couldn’t install the updates

I don’t know about you but I like to take pictures of windows errors in public spaces. I feel a tinge of schadenfraude and a touch of righteous revenge on the part of machine. Because most of the time machines used to provide the feed are old or cheap. IT departments of these companies try to run Windows on them. It’s not that Windows is a bad OS but it requires a decent hardware to run. Hence, to my amusement, they go kablooey in the form of blue screen of deaths or “Update Failed” popups on top of a video.

Strike on, brother!

I know this idea will be three sizes big for those companies’ IT departments but I want to offer an alternative. You are using these machines as dumb terminals, yes? You often make them feed a presentation or a video slide to a projector or a series of projectors, yes? Then – for the love of God – why not install a linux distro on them? No matter which one you choose, they use less system resources compared to a windows box. Not to mention they don’t force updates on you so no popups! System crashes? As long as the hardware is okay they don’t happen.

So surprise me, try it and see if they fail…

Also to see a reddit dedicated to public BSODS here you are.

Weekend Plans

Failbetter Games released Sunless Skies yesterday. So I am planning to explore its world. I will meet its inhabitants and try to eat, backstab and hobnob with them this weekend. For those who don’t know, Sunless Skies is a game set in a Weird Victorian setting. When her husband, Prince Albert, died Queen Victoria made a deal with some entities. In exchange for his life, they wanted the city of London. She agreed and they took it to underground. In here it became Fallen London; a city with a thousand stories and no deaths. There are worser fates than death, of course.

Sunless Sea

First game, Sunless Sea was about exploring the Unterzee, starting from Fallen London. It had a cool concept. In a way, it channels AUBREY-MATURIN or HORNBLOWER series. But, like every game, it had its problems too. Mechanics of making money and gaining levels weren’t playing well. You needed to grind. It is a thing we can’t escape, I know, but here it becomes tedious.

Space… doesn’t look the final frontier though.

Second game, Sunless Skies, changed the theme from sea to space. Now, instead of a ship we command a space locomotive. This space is not the space but the ether. It is breathable and full of people, wonders and color. This game fixed some of the problems its predecessor had. First of all, from what I’ve played, trade is a viable way of making money with opportunity mechanic. Leveling up means not speaking with your officers but reflecting upon the past. Also there are many locomotives and equipment to choose from.

Anyway, we’ll see…

Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash