After 7 hours I think I’ve carried everything from to here.

I didn’t expect it to take this long. The initial setup was fast. I, more or less, knew which plugins to install and theme I’m going to use. The reason why?

Thanks to YOAST SEO I realized my articles were hard to read stuff. Using passive voice, long – overly long – sentences like I was Immanuel Kant and I was trying to do ontology. So I said “Eh, it’s only 19 articles. What could happen?”

7 hours. That’s what happened. I didn’t even do a detailed rewriting, just fixed what it showed me. But it felt good, it felt… proper. Because that’s what I always thought I should do but never did – rewriting.

My brain feels like mush, though.

I also realized one other thing: Unsplash wasn’t joking when it says “search high resolution images” on its site. My eyes go a little bit wide when I saw the filesize and the resolution on some pictures I’ve used. “4 mb? 6000 to… what?!” Therefore some time was dedicated to resizing and optimizing.

Now I’m gonna go and find breakfast…

Photo by Josh Edgoose on Unsplash