As Louis Althusser said media is just another Ideological State Apparatus; just another method to make the populace compliant with the state interests. So I expect some sort of dissonance between the reality I experience and the news portray but nowadays it is so different from each other I sometimes wonder whether we are getting cable from a parallel universe?


That’s not a game but a narcotic. As I told you I like to turn on a blues album (or a podcast) and drive in the wide highways of Europe. I also find myself writing things like this:

The nights are long – the bleak darkness is only illuminated by the lights of oncoming vehicles. Rain patters on my windshield, making the world seem surreal before they get thrown away to the road by swipers. BETH HART sings hauntingly from my speakers – voice akin to a siren, on an island that exists only in the dreamscape:

Strike a match and set me on fire
Watch it burn and flames getting higher
You light me up, sweet old desire
So won’t you come close to my fire?

Well I’m a thousand miles away from home, feeling like a shipwreck on a deserted island; neither demanding help, nor expecting it – just watch the time pass seconds turning into minutes turning into hours… Like sand grains falling between your hands.

Another roundabout passes, another delivery made in the sunset. I didn’t lose time to find another quick job, just to return Wroclaw – money is just an additional bonus. I don’t like to spend days in a place I don’t know – a principle I adhere to religiously along with the rules of not using toilets you don’t know and not eating meat from any other place but home.

The roads are open, like the pristine heart tunnels of a sixteen years old – bereft of human detritus, cholesterol, fat and other viscera. The engine roars like a panther, barely restrained, counting down the kilometers one by one. Every house, every car I pass has a story in it. I imagine they are lurching stories, as Neil Gaiman called it, because life lurches. A tragedy can turn into slapstick comedy and that even can turn into a police serial briefly experiencing a terror movie bit.

The city lights are receding on my rear window, like distant stars, forever there but not there – a theoretical existence but an existence nonetheless. I drive on…


  • Apple lowering prices in Turkey:
  • Facebook paying users to install a “Research VPN” – because the data they get isn’t enough:

Photo by jean-pierre damen on Unsplash