Hand Cramps from its unergonomic mouse. The feeling of wind when I throw myself out of the bus and the inevitable crash to ground – ripping my woolen gloves but not damaging the disks. A shop on the second floor, with wooden desks, electronic devices and other Amigas scattered by, a gleam coming from well worn Ottoman style floor tiles.

These are what I remember first when I think about my Amiga.

I don’t know the exact date we bought it with my father. I know the journey involved a ferry ride to Kadıköy. So I think we bought it from Yazıcıoğlu Pasajı – an office block specialized in selling electronics. I also remember the first game I played: A game with a western theme, involving a train and a duck.

After the graphical capacity of Commodore 64, Amiga was an experience that is akin to paradigm shift. It’s like seeing the Louvre Museum when all you had seen was the paintings in Laschaux Caves. It was… unbelievable. Not to mention I didn’t have to spend time to set the reader head and load times are blazing fast. My initial wow factor is related to graphics for some reason. It should not be like that because gaming on Amiga was something I knew. A friend of mine, Mert, often brought up his Amiga to another friend’s house. There we gather up and played games either with each other or watch a person play while commenting. Sounds familiar?

Anyway we usually played soccer games like KICK OFF, SENSIBLE SOCCER and MANCHESTER UNITED; fighting games like BODY BLOWS and MORTAL KOMBAT. And racing games like LOTUS TURBO ESPRIT and TEST DRIVE. Mortal Kombat didn’t make none of us killers or people prone to violence by the way.

I wasn’t that much into those games. Sure they were fun and looking gorgeous but they weren’t the games I’d play if I owned such a machine. Mert was a social guy, he still is, I am… not. I liked strategy and role playing games where you command armies and characters; simulations where you flew an actual plane, helicopter or used a submarine; adventure games telling you wonderful stories like a book but interactive.

So I liked playing ALIEN BREED, DARK QUEEN OF KRYNN, ELITE 2 and RED STORM RISING. I also tried to play adventure games like MONKEY ISLAND, LEISURE SUIT LARRY, KING’S QUEST and SPACE QUEST. Dictionary in one hand, keyboard on the other; childe Özgür to the King’s quest came!

Speaking of games I think how we bought our games differed from other countries. When you get to a computer shop, people working there would give you a list. In it you saw a code, a name, genre and how many diskettes does it consume. You wrote the numbers on a paper and give it with your diskettes to them. I think all shops used XCOPY to copy games from their master to ours. The thing we all didn’t like was seeing the red O in that software. It meant that the diskette had a CRC error. Meaning you need to buy a brand new diskette from the shop.

In time, they used the same system for the PC games.

Sadly my journey of computer gaming took a break here. After Amiga I obtained a Sony Playstation and my era of console games, and of course, J-RPGs began.