When I want to rest my mind I fire up EURO TRUCK SIMULATOR 2. This is a game where you drive trucks from city to city, carrying stuff and gaining money. In time you buy your own truck – the first step of building your own company. After that, you hire new drivers, buy other trucks, gain more money. In theory, of course – I’ve never gotten that far.

And that’s fine. I load up blues playlist or a podcast while driving from Wroclaw to Lodz in the night with heavy rain. All is mellow, the road, the speed limits and GPS are all in my universe.


Did pretty much nothing. Still struggling with ECHOPRAXIA. I like PETER WATTS’s vision of future regarding the ubiquotiousness of the internet and IoT devices but the prose and my literary tastes didn’t agree with each other. Yet I want to finish it.

Nearing the end of THE 100 in Netflix. Turkish catalogue has 4 seasons only and I’ve read that it will begin its sixth season so I don’t binge watch it. The overall story arc’s movement from a LORD OF THE FLIES concept to a intertribal conflict to a space adventure (again) is quite breathtaking.

I started CONTINUUM as well. I am a sucker for anything that uses Time Travel so I gave it a shot. So far it’s good – but sometimes it leans too much on deus ex machina. But it is interpreted like a time traveling, female Batman in my mind so all is fine. Turkish Netflix has all the episodes too so that’s a bonus as well.

I need to write in my Journal as well. I’m skipping it since wednesday but I need to develop this habit I feel.

Photo by Shot by Cerqueira on Unsplash