As a children of the eighties, the times we live in baffles me. In those days people assumed two outcomes. Either we’d see the world becoming a wasteland after that global nuclear war everybody was very sure about happening. Or we’d have spaceships, flying cars and hoverboards and the future will be brilliant. You can see them in action with Fallout, Mad-Max and Star Trek.

In the face of those possible outcomes, what had really happened is so mediocre and boring. So we didn’t destroy ourselves in an orgy of nuclear annihilation or moved to space but instead we, as a species, decided to create a world that doesn’t want to change or take risks. It feels like an apathy of epic proportions if you ask me. Nobody wants or cares to improve life or have some sort of grand plan to change everything. I think fifties were about that. Everybody had grand plans diverging from society to economy, from science to entertainment. Right now it feels to me that “not rocking the boat as we drift merrily to the waterfall which will hopefully kill us” is the guiding principle. Whatever stagnates, dies and I think we are on that path.

I really hope I’m wrong as hell on this subject though. I really do.


Thanks to the global news agencies I know something is going on in Venezuela. But I have no idea who are the actors and what are their positions in the international geopolitical system so I refrain from commenting.

But yeah… hello 2019! What a good year you’ll be…

Photo by Lukasz Szmigiel on Unsplash