I feel always enticed and appaled by the concept of wearables. It’s not that I don’t own one. I used XIAOMI MI BAND 2 when I was weaning off the antidepressants, knowing little that the oncoming days were going to hit me like a Mack truck on full speed, to lose weight.

But only now I realize this wristband, which is hiding under a smartwatch façade, is only a civilian application of the prison shackle. It knows how many steps you took, listens to your heartbeats and tell if you are alive – or if it is taken off your wristband – and tracks your sleep routines and guesstimates how much deep sleep you get last night.

It goes better if you combine it with the companion app. With the addition of GPS data and mingling with your phone it knows where you are and were. The best part? The companion app requires an account in the company datastream. So you share the data you generated with them.

Prison shackle with benefits. I win because with it I become more healthy, less anxious regarding whether I missed an important call or a notification because phone and watch works together to make me informed. And they win because I share everything that happens within the directorate of the sensors with the company.

I can see all that data compiled in a categorical data pool goes like: “Turkey, Male, 18-35 age group”. Especially after seeing news like this.


I have to admit, I created most of my previous blogs for the sole reason of writing tutorials. See, the basic idea regarding this concept goes two ways. First while writing a tutorial for others, you learn the subject. Second, it ultimately shows you are interested in that subject and know shit about it because hey… tutorial, right? Implicitly saying “I am a tutor” on this subject.

Nowadays even tutorial blogging is going the way of dodo. Like the mammals taking over the dinosaur world, I see the video medium is taking over the textual one here. I discern several reasons behind this change of medium. First of all the post-internet generation puts a premium on the video rather than reading written text. Secondly the video aggregation sites pay better compared to the blogs and requires less setup. And finally the act of showing works better than reading and looking photos.

You can even connect this to the difference of sales between comicbooks and movies of the said comicbooks. When pit against together, dynamic content always beats static one.

I am not an expert nor have the intellectual bandwidth to make a guesstimate but my intuition suggests that maybe the tech field is the only one that resorts to this method more widely compared to others. By this I mean nobody goes and opens up a blog that’s dedicated to the history of philosophy and tries to use the teaching there to affirm his mastery on the subject or no company like PLURALSIGHT or UDEMY provides courses on maths subjects like they do on angular or JavaScript.


An addendum: I couldn’t help but wonder, if the HR is working properly and hiring wonderfully talented people; why don’t we see a technological and/or software based revolution happening in Turkey – where I live and try to survive? Where do all these talented people go and do?


All my friends played MMOs of different variants. While I was studying in the university WORLD OF WARCRAFT was the big thing. It still is I think considering there are a few alternatives left like EVE ONLINE and BLACK DESERT ONLINE.

I don’t know. I tried to get in to MMO bandwagon so hard I think I fell off. Or whatever tricks they are using to work the armature of addiction in people doesn’t work in me. Weird, because I am kinda hooked to tobacco so I can be an addict.

But whole aspect of MMO thing entices me in a different perspective. They actually show how little our interpersonal affairs mean to other people who do not share the same ecosystem of signifiers. All that drama unfolding within and without guilds, all that money paid to make your level higher and so on. Sure, all those phenomena are understandable on a subjective level – we are humans and nothing that is human is alien to us but I didn’t put the same level of importance as they did.

A friend of mine stole from his own family to pay for the monthly fee. Other sold his precious cd collection to a pawn broker to do the same. Those acts reminds me of a crack addict jonesing for another fix, symptom overriding the personality.

Photo by Zsolt Palatinus on Unsplash