Personally I increasingly feel that whole streaming media schtick is spoiling us. Now I look my aggressively curated NETFLIX account, I use “viewing activity” to prune out stuff I began and didn’t like, and I see I am watching:

  • Rick and Morty (Rewatching)
  • Punisher
  • The Travelers (Rewatching)
  • The 100

In the old days every single one of them required a torrent download, converting to a filetype which my phone would understand – if it could understand, I am talking about dumbphone era, and copy and watch one episode because even with conversion they were huge colossi of data for the phones of that age.

But to be honest, I wasn’t much of a movie/series aficionado anyway. My pick of poison was music. Metal to be specific. I used to download whole discographies (320kbps – no less), edit song and album tags manually, traverse along the obscure places of internet for lyrics and album images to make them a proper collection.

Now I turn on SPOTIFY. I want to listen to STEELY DAN, it gives me STEELY DAN, I want to listen to METALLICA, it gives me METALLICA.

When I try to look at our age from the goggles of that 18 years old kid I can’t help but see it wonderful. Too good to be true in fact.


The shows and movies I’ve recently watched has a theme going on which kind of drawn my attention. From BIRDBOX to MARVEL’S SERIES, from TRAVELERS to THE 100 there is a distinct lack of or bad portrayal of fathers in our current zeitgeist.

I do not understand this. I mean I do in a certain sense because when I considered this I couldn’t help but think people huddled in meeting rooms, describing their target audience as “18-35 yrs old males who have father problems”

But is this such a great global population phenomena that can be used in a plethora of movies and series streamed internationally? If so what happened to the father? And how this lack of a parental figure will play in the development of the psyche?


This is an idea hanging around in my mind for a while but I thought about it after I read this WSJ article. Then again when you search GOOGLE with keywords “mobile peaked” you can find articles from 2013 as well.

I don’t think anything has peaked sales wise but when I consider the design, I can see a peak there.

Maybe it’s because I am an 80-ies boy and didn’t born into a world where mobile telephonry is common and did see the overall evolution of this.

A Short History

First there was the landline, and it wasn’t an easy thing to get. Not every house in Turkey had one in those times. I can’t remember the exact waiting period but it was a major event to be called from the telephony office to get your own phone.

If you didn’t own a home phone you would use shop phones or the good old coin operated street phones. Shop phones often work in the same premise as well. The setup was like this. The shop owner had bought a phone with an extra gizmo underneath. You feed coins to this gizmo to get a call line and continue speaking. They were also more pricey compared to the state operated phones. But the caveat is you could give this phone number to your family, friends and significant others to call you back.

It evolved into home phones and then first mobile phones appeared. They were as big as combat walkie talkies and they weren’t that mobile so to speak. Cars had them I remember from the commercials and some posh restaurants based on the movies.

But whole size thing got so important that after a few years they really became mobile phones which could fit into your jeans pocket. You could have flipphones, tiny phones, big phones and some weird designs like the Nokia N-Gage, the first phone designed to act as a game console from the get go.

Then iPhone came and changed everything. See, on those times phones didn’t play music. Yeah they had some melodies monophonic and polyphonic variety but they were MIDIs in the end. So you gotta have a walkman/discman/mp3player on the side to listen to music when you were on the road and a phone to be reachable. Iphone glued these together and on top of that it created a meaningful app ecosystem. Without that app mentality, IPHONE would have been a failure I think.

The rest is now.

Design Blues

But I don’t see a similar pattern regarding the form factor nowadays. Every phone, including the IPHONEs which were the cutting edge of design back in the day, look similar, act similar and do similar things. All phones look like bricks of various thinness, they all take photos, do internet and multimedia stuff in similar looking screens.

Facebook app in one phone isn’t that radically different from another neither in use, nor in design.

And that makes me think something else is coming. Nobody in my cultural periphery could imagine a thing like mobile phones. I think something else is coming – and it won’t be something we tried before. VR is not the answer, since I was a child – since 1980s I mean – it is shown as the “new thing” but it didn’t take, it isn’t taking and it won’t take neither the smartwatches nor the glasses.

I was super anxious about glasses though, but I have to admit the reality.

Another thing we need to take into account is the rise of cloud computing. The fact that we can do processing outside of the local device and push the results to it, is a game changer nobody I know is taking into account as of now.

I suspect the “next” device will be a thing that uses low resources, and therefore low power, and uses these resources to push input data to cloud, and display the results on somewhere. Also the voice command will be an important thing on it as well.

But we’ll see together.

Photo by Alex Guillaume on Unsplash