Dynamically Generated QR Codes in ASP.Net

300px-CodeCmmt002.svgWhat we want to do here is generate a QR code on pageload and show it to user in a designated div. The problem is, Image control takes an url for a source and your generated picture doesn’t have an url…  yet.

This elegant solution was proposed by my good friend Istemi. Without further ado let’s dive in.

Aspx Side:


As you can see we don’t have anything special except for a curious div which has an id of qrcode and runs at server. Turns out we need this to:


As I’ve said, we need this to refer to it from codebehind and add our generated image/bitmap to the div as an Image with a source. But, you may ask, what does generate this QR code. Well, turns out we need a library to do that. I have used Zxing.net for generating my image with this code:

Easy as pies, right?


If you are interested in QR code in WPF and ASP.Net MVC, Scott Hanselman had written a perfect guide for that. Bonus is, you don’t even have to save the file in the server!


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